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walk with me is not the worst person
Originally Posted by Abstrakt View Post
The kind who fucks with the top tier and thinks everyone else is kinda wack with some exceptions.
lmao i'm like this too... i can't even front.

yo ultimately when we talking about spending my money on a battle rapper. I personally have to feel that I've seen that guy put in enough work OR his/her shit is so fire that I have to spend my money.... Like I would never pay for a danny myers battle (or anything danny myers) for example. He ain't put in no work and 80% of his battles are trash.

A different example is dizaster. I think 50% of his battles are bullshit but he been battling forever and put in real work so I'd consider spending some bread for dude, for a good match up atleast. Like diz vs hollow or some shit like that.

Lux on the other hand. I've bought every ppv he been apart of (shady, UW, URL) and I even copped some of his real music I think. I wish his clothing game was better cause I'd be happy copping even tho i'd prolly never wear. I think every battler gear is ass by the way (LOM, DOT, Lux, ETC)

now with that said.

someone REALLY NEW who battles I would support if I could some how....


this nigga spits 100% every single battle that I seen so far. I'd consider copping a chess PPV if there was such thing.

lots of factors go into this conversation

- Likability
- Actual Talent/Skill Level
- Earned Respect
- Likely hood of creating entertaining moments
- History (respectable moments vs clownish moments)
- Likely hood of let down
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