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Originally Posted by questmcody View Post
It seems like there is a thin line between making money and preserving the art form when it comes to battle rap. It seems like battle rappers and battle fans have a love/hate relationship. Personally I love the support, the criticism and even the trolling involved with this art form. The trouble I have is when people vilify those that have some sense of business acumen and label them as greedy individuals.

Are fans just as greedy as the battlers?

To my knowledge the average battlers performing on one of the "Big 3" battle leagues are pulling in approximately $1,500-5,000 per battle. At 5 battles a year, that puts them at $25k MAX from the leagues, that are also often vilified because of their business dealing. $25,000.....That's below the poverty level if that's your only source of income. Now, most battlers, regardless to what you believe have a hustle. Some work a regular job while others have legal and/or illegal outlets to make money. How much do we as fans support the actual battler? Don't get me wrong, a lot of this falls on the battler. A battler has to come up with worthwhile ways for his or her fans to support them as well, but are fans even looking to support a battler in a tangible way?

Are battle rap fans so used to getting free art, packaged as "entertainment" that they scoff at the idea of having to spend money?

Are leagues easier to be loyal to than battlers are?

What kind of fan are you?

Do fans support battlers as individuals?

What are some of the ways a battler can gain your support outside of the ring?

Keep it fun guys
Some really good points here and frankly this is why battling will always just be a hobby for me

There are ways to make some -okay- money from it but they require a lot of work to get these fans to pay for something. It's hard because in battle rap you're just one out of hundreds of characters that the fans choose to watch. They don't want to spend money in the first place and then when there are so many options it makes it even more difficult. If I really wanted to make money from rapping I would be throwing my own events and creating lowest common denominator content for my own youtube channel. I think that's lame so I won't.
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