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How much do we as fans support the actual battler?

if we watch them, we're supporting them. but as fans, we don't owe battlers anything and vice versa.

A battler has to come up with worthwhile ways for his or her fans to support them as well, but are fans even looking to support a battler in a tangible way?

depends what the product is.

for example, pat stay is one of my favorite battle rappers but i wouldn't be caught dead wearing "sucka free boss" garb. i wouldn't buy (hypothetically speaking here) a poster with his picture either lol. however, i'd definitely buy an album of his if one is to ever drop. dude makes dope music.

another example: if bender had his art manufactured, i'd buy a piece of his work if i'd be able to make use of it. i'm not a fan of his music (it just isn't my style), but i'd definitely cop a flight distance CD if i stumbled across one at a merch stand.

i never bought a product of a specific battler. but if i am ever to do so, it wouldn't be because of an obligation to support them for giving me free entertainment. it'd be out of genuine support and appreciation for what they do and/or a genuine interest in their product.

Are battle rap fans so used to getting free art, packaged as "entertainment" that they scoff at the idea of having to spend money?

many do when it comes to PPVs, hence why bootlegs exist.

Are leagues easier to be loyal to than battlers are?

yes. the big 3 leagues have been putting out consistently great events for years now. that fact is unlikely to change (unless their staffs undergo negative difference and grind time themselves). i'll be a loyal supporter of KOTD, URL, and DF. battlers, on the other hand, come and go, lose momentum, fall off, etc. i'm not going to continue to support a battler i have little interest in watching anymore -- unless the battler has had a significant impact on my experience as a fan. if, say, b-magic drops a shirt tomorrow, i'll order one as long as it isn't ridiculously cringeworthy.

What kind of fan are you?

a picky one. i consider myself a battle rap fan who's decently knowledgable about battle rap, but my pickiness in taste prevents me from expanding outside of what i usually watch. far from a diehard fan. i mainly stick to watching only a few of guys in URL, KOTD, and DF. also, i find a lot of battle rap difficult to watch. so i guess that says a lot about where i'm coming from.

Do fans support battlers as individuals?

depends on how battlers market themselves, reach towards their audience, whether or not they even have a way in which fans can directly support them, etc. typically, battlers who have fans directly supporting them are 1) super talented as battlers, 2) on social media connecting with their audience, and 3) have a product for sale that appeals to their demographic.

What are some of the ways a battler can gain your support outside of the ring?

first and foremost: be an enjoyable battler and make me a fan.

have a product that is USEFUL (or at least reasonable) and market it effectively; it doesn't even have to do with battle rap. like i said above, bender's art is dope. hell, i hate cliche and mindless phrases, but i'll definitely buy a LOM shirt if the price is right.

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