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Are fans just as greedy as the battlers?
Are fans greedy though? In the sense that people bitch about battles not being good while not actually paying for anything, sure but on the same ticket, we are contributing by viewing, regardless of whether a single view is worth a fraction of a cent or not. At the same time, I'd put it on the leagues to devise a method of attaining the necessary income in order to put on events and book battlers- they control how much they're willing to pay battlers for a performance and help battlers reach their respective audiences while battlers control that performance itself in terms of quality and saturation (not fucking up/battling too much and wearing out their appeal to fans) plus their personal viewer demographic (crossover fans from other leagues, for example). In all seriousness, I don't think the fans have much control over much more than helping illustrate the demand for certain battlers. The leagues and battlers themselves are the entities with the greatest control. If the fans want a Battler A performance, but Battler A wants a million dollars from League X, League X has the power to say "fuck that, we're not paying anyone a million fucking dollars for a 15 minute performance".

$25,000.....That's below the poverty level if that's your only source of income.
Are battlers spending 40 hrs/week every week of the year on writing battling material? Probably not. But wait, that's not applicable since it's a commission-based entertainment industry; Battlers control their product. They choose how many performances they want to do, and how much they want for each one, while attempting to maintain their value to leagues while they do so. With all due respect, it's not our business to worry about that as fans/viewers. Battlers and leagues have to come to an understanding in regards to fair pay. We as fans can tell leagues to book certain battlers all we want, but ultimately it doesn't matter what we want if the respective leagues don't actually want to/can't afford to.

How much do we as fans support the actual battler?
are fans even looking to support a battler in a tangible way?

I go to local (Oakland/San Jose) events, I buy merch on occasion, I buy albums if I think it's good. It depends on the person. Fans may look to support battlers, but it's the job of battlers to offer desirable opportunities to do so.

Are battle rap fans so used to getting free art, packaged as "entertainment" that they scoff at the idea of having to spend money?
Some, sure. It's the leagues that decide to give out their product for (basically) free on youtube, though. That definitely makes it so the majority of battle fans are spoiled. Why would you pay for a sandwich on one block when you can get a burger on the next block for free? In this sense, you have to make the "sandwich" (aka the things that fans can spend money on) worth spending money on. If it's something fans don't like or want, why would they buy it?

Are leagues easier to be loyal to than battlers are?
Depends. most viewers have favorite battlers that they'll watch no matter what league they perform on. I've seen a fair few people who only watch URL though so go figure. Leagues make it easy to be a viewer because they constantly promote upcoming events/battles. A lot of battlers don't. There's also a lot of battlers who won't show up for their performances, so it's easy to be more loyal to the leagues in that sense too.

What kind of fan are you?
An interested one. This a forum based around rap battles, after all.

Do fans support battlers as individuals?
For the most part, fans don't tend to know battlers on a personal level. We aren't required to sing battler praises or do anything that benefits them in any way at all. We can, and we may choose to, especially on sites like this, but strictly speaking, battlers should be looking at their fans as prospective customers. Battlers should network with and/or utilize them as potential resources if it lines up with their goals.

What are some of the ways a battler can gain your support outside of the ring?
Make (good) music. Like any business or individual, battlers should be investing in themselves in a way that they can grow, be that musically or otherwise. If a battler has a lot of fans, they should take advantage of that in some way.
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