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Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
can someone confirm what Eminem is really doing on this?

i love Em and he one the GOAT's but i dont like hearing that its Eminem's movie cuz he prob barely had anything to do with it.

I was watching Everyday Struggle and they were talking about it like its Eminem's movie
from my understanding eminem came on board AFTER the film was completed, he appears to be a 'name only' producer, and in this case he's using the substantial fame / brand his name has in order to raise the awareness for the movie. 99% of the articles about this movie are about how "eminem's got a new film" which already is a great look for Bodied that it would not have otherwise had. hell this movie might not have been accepted to tiff without eminem's tag on it. this movie has zero stars/household names/actors with noteriety so eminem being attached is a great look for publicity and awareness, he did the film a HUGE favor.
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If Trump secures the nomination, he loses to anybody the Democrats pick... He has rendered the election literally unwinnable for the Republican party
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He's not gonna come close to winning.

Edit: Vegas betting odds are historically very accurate and they have him at 14% compared to 50% for Hilary right now.
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bro if he wins I will go to my local shop, buy a video camera and publically say sorry to you on this forum and eric also. You have my word on that. :P
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