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Originally Posted by uuuununnn View Post

the url guys have a really really bad habit of just ...... not trying cuz they dont want to ......... its not an illmac thing , its not a kotd thing ....... its a lazy ass "url rapper " thing

and the sad thing is that everyone has to label them as "url " rappers and so urls name gets drug down even further than it already is ....

its just lazy ppl are lazy ppl .......... it hurts their opponents and the leagues but NEVER hurts their own names cuz they will still get that $$$ they want ......

the only resolve is to hurt their pockets honestly

Originally Posted by Nick Vayne View Post
Rex is garbage anyway. Don't really care if it's bottom-can garbage or some fresh garbage that was on top... it's still trash.

LOL ,, Rex is a good "rapper" but i agree , weak pen game / repetitive etc. .. illmac gonna shit on bottom can or fresh garbage Rex
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