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RMBVA Presents The (W)Rap Up: Ass Napkin Ed vs. SHOWTIME

@Ass Napkin Ed

I spit unique, Showtime sleeping on me now he miss the sheets,
If he run, the 40 will give his calf a lick, it's like I hit the priest
Switch the heat, to big shit that take half a leg off, now Show side walk so much
You would think he miss the streets.
Bitch you know what it is, you not just walking out your crib,
Yo stop, you know what you did, nigga you about to get popped and then be a no show, before you even have a fucking kid.
We 5, so you crip cuz, good I'll crip cuz, his gang like why yall crip cuz, cause,
he don't know why he crip cuz, set trip, my set trip cuz, you drip blood
blood'll be oozing, now you really set trip cause, you need a blood transfusion
Is he hard? pause, Show a jackass, well hee-haw, tell em try something, he'll die frontin, put a price on his head like nigga buy something.
you ride by, I walk up. I really do shit, you talk tough
If you don't get gunned down, you gettin hawked up
I run down, have the chrome out, think God with his phone out, don't get called up
My neighborhood, all rough, you'd be scared to come outside
He say he roll with some wild cats, but he lying, watch me hurt his pride
Your bitch pathetic and sniffing lines is her fetish
I flirt with her when she snort it, she coquettish
(flirt when she snort, she coke headish)
and you can't fuck with me in no way, shape or form
and look at your bitch physique, no waist, shape or form


It's been a long time coming, and I'm surprised you'd actually take this,
They said only the girls gon love him, but I came out the gates sick
I've been predestined, way before I had any bae lyt
this could of happened anywhere, but I let you stage this.
I am the greatest, and that's no means to be braggin
The greatest monster on the card, look what the white dragged in
They said don't take Ed lite, he might give you the business
Yeah I see son shining, but I'm about to solar eclipse it
Welcome to the sacrifice
This moments been woven in time, be glad you could bare witness
Because on all levels but physical... I am a Griffith
They said he too fem to be in scene but he's one of the sickest
There's different levels, I ain't hear to talk about how I ran the block
Everybody in my crew strapped, I got a band of hawks
Ever since I came out of the egg they want me gone, but you've all ran out of luck
He's too advance... well who gonna kill me ?
Ain't non of y'all have the guts

Now a lot of y'all said I'm one of the most hated lately, and this battle wasn't going to work, well look how I proved y'all wrong the way I'm goin
If me and GP battled, I would of did him nice
I wanted 6000 like a mid tiers price
But screw you, now I gotta take your life
Say goodnight, have this atheist on his knees tryna beg to Christ
They offered me... Mulato Mutant but I said that wasn't good for the scene though
But I woulda drawn the steel to mutant like Magneto
GP don't wanna see me, he knows I'd dismember his frame
Put a hole in his center like I'm spelling his name
And to my boy @riffic just wanna enjoy your holidays and happy hannukah
He give me a ban I give him a brand, how you like this swastika
Put something on his top, and it's not a yamaka
Ed really hates Cadalack Ron and says that he was racist
*click click* go head, tell caddy your views on social issues to his face bitch
And sarcastic troll threads is something @6000GP can't deal with
No matter how blatantly obvious it's deadpan he still thinks that it's real, shit.
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scooby doo line was nice no lie

but con go line made a don demarco come out my speakers for no reason
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