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Dear Diary is better than Grind Time AustraliaDear Diary is better than Grind Time Australia
so who in the fuck is Dina Brass? everybody seems to be treating her like she's someone you're supposed to know and yet i have no fuckin clue who she is.

way to shit on your own legacy, Jumpoff. the original Spin the Mic was amazing, i still got the DVD at home. this shit though? if an underperforming Caustic is head and shoulders above the entire non-Frakian competition, you can tell the event ain't quite going the way of the original one. not at all. how did they choose these rappers?

i wanted Holly Flo Lightly to advance but probably only cause i thought she was very likable. no clue who she is, or most of the competition tbh.

i disagreed with several of the judges' decisions, but that's normal.
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id think if you are a virgin by choice, you have probably got the self respect and common sense to wash your butt crack every once in a while
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