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Originally Posted by Emancee View Post
Terrible post. You and Pass (The most 'rap' MCs on the card) are on the same card as Charron. Sure, you're not main eventing, but you aren't from around there so that is no surprise. Both you and Pass have a more respectable resume than Charron to boot. If you went to DF or Scrambles with Charron, I guarantee your names would be in a similar position on the flyer.

On the subject of the UK too, Grime MCs like Dialect and Raptor are some of the biggest names there. The rap guys like Tony and Shotty are pretty much their legends.

Rap MCs have to market themselves differently for sure, but where is the evidence for this?!?
If you don't like Charrons rapping lets not pretend he hasn't marketed himself very well. I would say right now Charron is a bigger name then Pass and Ness

He's marketed himself to be on URL which would pretty much put him on top tier for most other leagues.
And it's not like he gets small names on any league either

I think he needs to take a break from the Smack battlers. A match up with a Kid Twist would have been a better Black Out match
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