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Originally Posted by riffic View Post
the definition of "effective battling" is basically this whole conversation
i guess. the definition of effective battling is when daylyt says "yall ready" then says a room shaker. or soul khan rapping nothing like he does on his album and having the crowd chant for him. or dna consistently beating people who are "better" than he is. or clips being hailed as a goat while barely trying. or charron's goofy white ass walking into a 98 percent black crowd that for the most part dont fuck with kotd and walking out with a consensus win. or john john being clowned in grindtime for mediocre writing and now being top 20 popular battler in america. all of these peole give every crowd they're in front of exactly what they want. we can break down the psychology of the 2017 crowd if you wish but that's almost an entirely different subject. but this particular crowd runs battle rap and these people's style appeals to them

no amount of complaining about or discrediting these people can change that. yet people constantly do and i really dont get it. if people want a "more talented" battler to be more popular....make them more popular. rally behind them until they get a look. hating on someone who's popularity is beyond opinion does nothing for anyone

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