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Originally Posted by riffic View Post
Yeah... but this is just a forum, which is discourse for the sake of discourse. If you don't like a battler, you talk about how you don't like a battler. It's not like people on here expect that saying "Charron sucks" eight times in the mirror in the morning will make him go away (although I still do it), we just look at that kind of depressing picture you just painted of the nature of battle popularity and call it depressing. 'Cause that's kind of how it sounds. If that's "effective," then "effective" kinda blows most of the time.

Like, this is a place to share opinions -- I also have opinions on what I don't like about shows I watch, food I eat, music I listen to. I don't expect to make any macro-level changes there either. I also don't feel the need to give Big Bang Theory credit for making a shitty show that a lot of people like, because I have absolutely no incentive or reason to. "Well, they certainly met the key demographics and found the right time slot!" is a fucking boring conversation to have. "They get the lowest common denominator goin'!!"

I just don't really get what you're suggesting we do -- subvert our opinions and simply comment that popular stuff sure is popular? Sounds kinda dystopian.

(And please don't do the thing where battlers say that this board never has positive conversations about anyone.)

((p.s. check the RMBVA Twitter, I literally tried to form a Joe Powers bandwagon today, lol.))
no i get all of that. but if you expressed that same opinion about that tv show that you dont like, multiple times every time that tv show is mentioned, it becomes obsessive. especially when that tv show is doing well. at some point it just gets old and time consuming when that time can be spent doing something else
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