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Originally Posted by Dusted123 View Post
Ya thats fair

I feel like this kind of just poked holes in itself though, I don't know if Swave and his boys were laughing at the same thing(I think they were) but I had that exact reaction at the same time to the angle I saw BDot painting

But I get what you mean, you see it a lot with BDot where people go out of their way to try and make him look unintelligent

Thereís no denying that heís dedicated to what he raps. Heís a young lion, and many of us were there: talking about change and uplifting folks. I see him leaving the battle rap stage and doing community work of some kind in a couple of years. Or, hell, perhaps he wants to use battle rap as that platform for a time. At any rate, I canít take anything from him, especially after his Rd3 against EK.
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