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hey here he is performing in that dumb mask. turns out the internet has all KINDS of stuff

awww man...the show's getting some heavy criticisms from the "real" hip hop heads.

haha wow
"Chen Wei (陳偉), senior deputy CEO of iQIYI, was quick to shrug off the criticisms. “Dissing things they are unsatisfied with is the basic way of hip-hop,”

being dissatisfied really is the 5th element. i'm impressed it translated so authentically all the way to china. how about it we hear it for hip hop yo

"Al Rocco, an American living in Shanghai, told Sixth Tone that he didn’t think his English-language songs would be appreciated on the show. “Honestly, we didn’t expect much. The whole purpose of this was to show my music to the world,” he said, adding that he thought the judges were good artists in their own genres, but that MC HotDog was “the only reputable rapper.”

I'm gonna spend a long time regretting the fact I didn't think to name myself MC HotDog 20 years ago. Fuckin' a man. Credit where credit's due
haha yeah I read that article aswell, that last bit is great. MC HotDog is the only reputable rapper in the world tbh.
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if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
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And yes, I promise you, on everything, you don't want any of this.
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I'd say Chef Trez is my Bangz
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