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Better late than never, the official #NHF "Clash of the Kingpens" battle recap

Originally Posted by KBomb View Post


‘Bout to AP style on ‘em… and, dawg, I’ve seen you tweet some events
It honestly made me stop and rethink the freedom of press

"Funny but not too hard hitting"... haha, just playin, cool start

& tell Jackson Yates he’s got the street cred of Kathy Bates
Dude’s got tacky taste and yells #FIIIIIREEEE when he masturbates
Got dealt a bad hand with your colleagues—this flop might seem unusual:
You’ll get @Jack Deuce in a black suit while you live tweet his funeral

Not too heavy from a punch standpoint but the first two lines were 100% fax (Jackson Yates is the biggest hipster in battle rap) and the last two lines read really slick

GUN BAR INTERLUDE: but this singin’ you hear is no hook
& these bullets split tissues like women watching The Notebook
Don’t look stupid, not always lucid when I’m firin’ chrome
But if you want it tu-ring, test… I swear it's got a mind of its own

Notebook punch was cool, turing test was expensive!

Back to you — HipHopDX? what a big assignment!!
That shit is so low below the totem pole you’d have to dig to find it
So the only time you’ll rep XXL is on your high school shirt tags
Only thing in common with your wife is spending time with dirtbags

Cool personal/career jabs, good string of back-to-back-to-back punches

& when we cross paths at the Bunker, I’m sure you’ll be great to see
I’m about to buy this bitch a snow cone… LACED WITH WEED!!!!

Not sure if this is a inside joke or not. For a lighthearted closer, it ended the verse well, but still, emphasis on light (wordplay!)


So now I’ve got a battle with Riffic?
Well let’s see what I can come up with in 15 minutes

Let's see

How’d I go from Ricky Proehl to you?
My last battle I freestyled against Dumbfounded on no notice
Your last battle you no-showed your partner and two opponents
AND it was a text battle

Ha, BRC up-to-date on RMBVA current events!

So you're Rory LeLand? Well I’m cracking R.L.’s spine
My pen got all the kids scared like I’m R.L. Stine
Met you at Massacre, the conversation was fine at best
Til you ran over to Avocado like "Kyle can you sign my chest?”

RL Stine punch was predictable, but the Avo punch was hilarious

See me grip the iron, Rory you’d better run
Test me? Par 3, the eagle make a hole in one
And if I see you on some green, I’m snatching it fast
Take your bread if you whine n’leave a bloody body in Mass

DAMNNNNNN, BRC gets his first text battle DON DEMARCO

Every punch'll change ya face up, I got Rorschach skills
I land more while you watch men talk smack for thrills
Does mod'ing a forum help you stack those bills?
Sheriff of a sad ghost town that Talkback killed

Tying in Alan Moore was a little bit of a reach, but as a whole, these 4 lines were really dope

That’s why it’s always funny to watch you belittle others
Knowing you look like Charron’s less cool, bed-wetting, red-headed little brother
So go fuck yourself or die in a fiery shower
Chumps like you put the “ivory" in "ivory tower"

Cool little character assassination to end the verse
This was the most debatable battle of the event for me.

Riffic was a little more consistent, while BRC had more bars that I'd consider "heavy".

BRC gets my vote off the strength of that.
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