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Originally Posted by JazeJuce View Post
You can keep trying to change your argument points when you lose if you want but like I said before ... url is not the only league way better than don't flop and a superior league to don't flop asked me to battle shuffle t and marlo... whether they want to or not is irrelevant because a major league asked.. so kick rocks with no shoes on. So if those two cowards don't want to do it because they're cherry picking opponents that's fine they can do what works for them. But don't pretend your faggot ass uk slurping opinion reflects any leagues outside of the British one.
you are sooo fucking butthurt!

my point has been the same from the start,you guys aint relevant in the scene,its that simple.

you said multiple leagues bigger than dont flop reached out,when its obviously only KOTD out of the two tht are bigger ,which reached out.

listen man people who dont wanna battle you aint cowards,you just dnt have a name in modern battking other than an anecdote in battles lol

shufflo willing to battle pat stay/rone,but are ducking you two haha,wish i had tht level of delusion lol
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