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Originally Posted by Frankie Wapps View Post
Wow people are quick to give us a hard time to stating facts while people get over the top offended about shit like a bitch would and then try to flip it like we're immature for shitting on people being real disrespectful to us. Fucking ass backwards how you kids are.

Funniest part is not one of them would actually say this to me in person
yeah i'd tell you that that everyone you mentioned is more relevant in battle rap,of you disagreed i'd tell you again.would also tell you calling people out when you have no chance of battling them as it stands,is not a good look.

i dont see why you two find it strange that you aren't relevant names in modern battle rap,great back in the day,but nobody wants to see y'all apart from a few
"i only learned to swim because i had bridges to burn"

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