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Nikolas34520 is better than Grind Time AustraliaNikolas34520 is better than Grind Time Australia
These are my predictions/hopes for this event

Saynt vs Geechi Gotti, I have no idea who they are but I hope they make a good impression

Ron Compton vs Yak the Ripper, I got Ron cause he has the cooler name but fr I hope the same thing as the first battle

Dre Vichiss vs Megadef - I've only seen Dre vs Cadalack Ron and he was pretty good, I got Megadef winning cause he knows the crowd better but he isn't gonna run right through him.

Madflex vs Ness Lee - Personally I have Ness Lee 2-1 maybe 3-0 but I hope Madflex does well and this raises his stock. This has potential to be a great battle.

B Dot vs Cortez - This ones hard to judge but if B Dot can translate what he does on KOTD not only will B Dot body him, he'll change how people view Cortez. B Dot can't slip up in any way or Cortez will take it though. my hopeful side says B Dot 3-0, and a more reasonable side says Cortez 2-1 but I'll stick with B Dot 2-1

Aye Verb vs The Saurus- I'm surprisingly most exited about this one cause Verb and The Saurus are in my top 10. The Saurus has been so consistent it's hard to keep track, and I expect it to be no different. Verb seems motivated for this one which excites me more. I'm really hoping for a classic but I'm gonna edge Mr. two times unless Verb wigs out cause it's almost impossible to match his aggression when he's at his best. Regardless of everything I got The Saurus 2-1

2016 has to be my favorite year as an active battle rap fan. The Bunker has been an amazing place to showcase talent and provide the right environment. In 2017 I wanna start going to events like BO7 & MASS3 but I gotta come down to cali one of these days. It's officially on my bucket list to go to a Bunker event.
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