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Originally Posted by riffic View Post
Damn, looks like people on here agree that Soul will win, which makes my reasoning not make sense. @Dank Schrader am I wrong about that the sentiment in the UK is that it's Raptor's for the taking?
Yeah viewpoint seems mostly that way .The caustic battle has cause a drop in his popularity it seems. I have by no means written him off, still in my top 3, but after seeing raptor last weekend and speaking to people who have heard his material I don't see him losing. He's just got such a drive and hunger for this shit. Pretty sure it's gonna be the best title match regardless of result.
Originally Posted by I am LIL ILL View Post
After battling a professional rapper like Dank and btw he's the only real professional I ever battled, I'm not going back to battling trash like this wack troll weirdo.
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