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Originally Posted by Water Mage View Post
Oh man, I don't even have much experience with that series, even though I think it's great.. So hard to say...

If Illmac is a good on that, then I'd say Illmac, since he was there that night...

Honestly, I'd just like someone to be there who is opinionated and outspoken about it... Let's be real, Solomon's writtens were garbage, even in context, Solomon deserves to be called out for that battle and The Saurus' performance in that battle is under-rated

"I can tell from lookin at him, he's about as New York as a wooden cabin" > than anything that Solomon said that battle
nahh man... solomon back then was a monster. the most prepared freestyler(kind of an oxymoron). his lines were impressive at the time and he really figured out the science to be a successful "freestyle" battler. at the time, he was a monster.

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