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Originally Posted by Abstrakt View Post
most freestyle battles have bad lyrics in retrospect

the biggest thing is your delivery, flow and sneaking in punchlines with a dominating performance. solomon was ALWAYS prepared.
I knew you would say that

"..."I'll be on your porch at nine to tell you, bitch, this porch is mine!.. Now you're too poor to rhyme and can't afford a spine... Too poor to shine and you're borderline blind!"

^^ that is bad writing by any standard, bad delivery, awful flow, doesn't even make sense... Can't afford a spine? Since when can you buy spines? Why would you want to? Are spinal transplants a thing?

You say "it was freestyle flow and delivery matter more"

Solomon had awful flow and delivery in his battle vs The Saurus

Solomon had some really good performances and that battle vs The Saurus was not one of them
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