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Water Mage is better than Grind Time AustraliaWater Mage is better than Grind Time Australia
Originally Posted by Profess View Post
In 2007 I would have told you excessive writing was wack.. didn't change my mind until around 2013
Since this a battle vs one person who is freestyling, Solomon's written lines can't be judged in a vacuum... Whether showing up to a freestyle battle with a ton of writtens is wack is debatable but regardless, if you're going to do it, your material better be significant better than what can be freestyled, specifically, it must be significantly better than what your opponent freestyled

And The Saurus had the best lines of the battle... His best punches may have been premeds but the advantage of a premed is that it's impossible to know if it's freestyled or not, so you're tempted to believe it was all freestyle, so the 'delivery" of the line sounds better...
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