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Originally Posted by RandallFlagg View Post
That's interesting. If you don't mind me asking how did that transpire? Did you just out of the blue hit Caddy up on facebook and offer him x amount of dollars to battle you? Was the league privy to the fact you paid him to accept? Do you feel you'd be more accepted as battle rapper as opposed to a battlerap personality if you had moved differently? Did you pay Joe Cutter as well?
The league, Power & Respect, hit up Ron and offered me as an opponent. He gave them a price, and the league asked me if I would pay half. I had been battling in backyards for about a year, so I said of course. Come day of the battle, the money for Ron wasnt there on the leagues end. Ron knew of our agreement and when he saw me at the ATM pulling out the rest of his fee, he said he respected me and offered to buy my dinner.

After that he came back to Fresno to perform a show with Dan, so Esem and I went to say hi to him. He asked if KOTD had hit me up yet and I said no. He pulled out his phone and texted Lush or Malathion or SOMEONE cause I got offered a PY a couple weeks later per his suggestion.

I feel like I wouldnt be respected as a battler, personality, anything, if it wasnt for Ron. I cant imagine where things couldve possibly gone without him. Probably more sideways or diagonal than upwards. I did not pay Cutter and thankfully have not had to pay a league/battler since then, besides a $50 KOTD tryout fee in 2013 (and the occasional travel expense, which is sometimes covered as well)

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