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Originally Posted by Scruff McGruff View Post
I completely disagree with my post being racist. I do think that he is to an extent trolling (wouldn't be surprised to find out that he's actually white himself). Much like the boy who cried wolf, this idiot is in multiple threads implanting made-up racial bias. So when someone who points out a legitimate injustice gets brushed off, they can thank this weirdo. And it doesn't matter if URL fans make up majority of the fan base (I don't even think this is true) it doesn't mean their opinion is worth more. And the only "point" he's trying to make is that white people can't be legends, he tried to throw in Soul Khan but even said he doesn't like him.

And I'm not going to get into a race war, I think it's stupid to do on the internet because you don't know who is even being serious. However I constantly see posts saying that "Backpack fans just want black people to lose" and "White people are wrong for this reason or that reason".

It's funny when it seems to be mostly URL/Street/Whatthefuckever fans making all these threads talking about how they get discriminated against. Yet they're the ones always bashing on the backpack/nerd/whogivesashit rappers.

This due says the word deflection is almost every post, but the people I just mentioned are the ones deflecting. Opinions are opinions. Your opinion isn't worth more than mine because I'm white, or because I enjoy a certain type of battler. Mine isn't worth more than yours for the same reasons. Fans that only like URL, don't get to decide who is a "legend". Just because you (not you specifically, the loose term you) prefer URL doesn't mean you know more about rap. This site is so fucking obnoxious with all the race baiting on both sides.

This idiot doesn't like Illmac or Saurus... COOL. Don't like them. Don't think they're legends? Excellent. That's your right.

But everyone needs to stop acting like people who DON'T share their opinion are somehow dumber than everyone else. URL isn't "better", KOTD isn't "Better", Don't Flop isn't "Better"... they all have their place. Get over your fucking egos, stop making excuses, stop trying to inject some diabolical agenda in every single topic.

So annoying.
Nah the "backpacker" fans do that just as much, if not more, there is just more of them on here to make out like it's a one way thing.

You are the person who made this thread about race, I don't care about what assumptions you have, the op wasn't talking about race, and you can't just say "he doesn't even like soul khan" like that proves your point, the thread wasn't about who he liked . He gave a white person who could be considered a legend and you find a way to still say "this is about them being white" yet it's not you who is race baiting, lol cool.
And yeah the bit I quoted was condescending and racist, but I'll remember that one "genuine victims of racism who get brushed off can thank other black people who did something to upset the white people, it's their fault, not the racists" Great logic.
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