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Originally Posted by WassPoppinB View Post

u did ok in that reply but the fact that URL wasnt around when they started is no excuse URL is around now and was around when they were still in their peak.
of course its an excuse , they dont have fuckin battle rap Delorean ... when they were young and 18 to mid twenties and there most motivated and praticed
they were basically playing another sport , back then it was freestyle spur of the moment skill that could get you really far , of course you needed to be a good writer (for pre meds) have good stage presence and be able to rap ... but freestyle was the biggest component back then to kill rooms

and Saurus and Ilmmac werent just 'Scribble Jam' battlers (which was easiestly the biggest battle event / comp) THEY BATTLED AT EVENTS IN NEW YORK ,,, not just the World RAP Championships , but Spin the MIc , Roc the Mic , Jumpoff street battles

and they also went to numerous other cities and states and won everytime , Washington , Florida

and WRCs had qailifiers in every major city (same with WRCs they actually had them in pretty much every major ENGLISH speaking country.
and it had good comp from the East like Hollow Da Don & Marv One

Most the top battlers from freestyle era , from and mstreet dudes to backpackers , not many transitioned well from freestyle format ... They dudes used to just show up at event and murk fools... most URL dudes would just stand there lookin stupid if they didnt have a month to think about another dude, write and rehearse their lines like its theater

but Saurus and Illmac , have both , in a whole new format transitioned and retained a top spot ,shiiet before URL they had the top spots when the written era 1st started but now with this new sport there started to be new fools that are great actors / performers and great writers but it doesnt negate the HALF A DECADE OF DOMINATING EVERY BATTLE RELATED EVENT , COMP , OPEN MIC BATTLE etc.

just cause URL is huge now and sets bTatle trends don't mean the whole roots of battling disapear

YOU STRAIGHT GARBAGE OP , i know its trollin but i ain't lettin this bullshit look like common opinion ... when its only troll nut hangin street dude worship
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