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Originally Posted by Luke
Everyone sayin Im bout to lose this battle cause I rap too much street shit,
Meanwhile nerds like Prelec say they let the heat spit and y'all turnaround like y'all ain't see shit,
So for all you niggas who think I'm bout to get 3 zipped
imma show you how easy it is to flow like Sonny now Peep this...
cool opener story-wise, and sets the tone, but doesn't do much and it's a quarter ur verse like riffic said - probably coulda done this in 2 bars

Originally Posted by Luke
It's easy to do you, Sonny!
...Cause you ain't really sayin' thangs. Talkin' coke -- We play them games,
work disappear -- David Blaine, chicken prices goin' up -- we Raising Cane,
the guns may kick back -- but our gangs won't hang. Banana clips--Orangutan
fire the whole way thru, that Raising Cane line was bananas

Originally Posted by Luke
Kobe dilemma, should I retire him with two fours or this eight?-- either way it's a laker thing
Code for his body is change the forecast--my shooters get to sprayin things
And then they fuck Sonny Daze up--when they make it rain
it works if I pretend it's a real battle, but it's overdone and easy wordplay

Originally Posted by Luke
NIGGA! You talk that street talk, but have you ever lived this shit!?
You ever tried passin' soap off as dope hopin' the fiends would miss the switch!?
Sports nerd, you grew up watchin' basketball and it's a difference,
'cause when I was in the Cavalier wit the Heat, I was prayin' there wasn't witnesses!
jesus christ wieudoj YES

Originally Posted by Luke
You nice with the pen... I got 3 homies really doin' life in the pen; (Facts) I hope Sonny try us

Originally Posted by Luke
My Joyce niggas make breakfast if he don't give the money right up
Crack his egg in broad daylight, They'll serve him Sonny Side Up
its cool

Originally Posted by Luke
it remind you of paid in quickly not payin' that cash can fuck Sonny's life up!
and it ends with a haymaker, solid round with a couple almost duds and a couple BANGERS but your style kinda allows for the buildup time and dull moments like an Ill Will or something


Originally Posted by Sonny
If you get drunk off the hen, youíll lay an egg- letís get it crackin
Iíll put a stain on your record you canít clean up with a Napkin
FUCK already??? FIRE opener

Originally Posted by Sonny
Ed tried to relay the message, but he dropped da baton
Good, book-it cuz Iím coming after Luke like the Gospel of John

Originally Posted by Sonny
I went from hostile to calm, cuz these Dukes got amazin talent
And itíll get beyond foul if I catch you trippin like Grayson Allen
real dope man this is great so far

We throw down, but itís ya Forte to run like the New York Jets
After you pass itíll bring ya Familia closer like the New York Mets
I put the chrome away to whip my Protege but this aint a Mazda
Youíll take a screwdriver to the head but it aint with vodka
i kind of nodded at all of these... they were okay little jabs but i didnt think they were super crazy like everyone else did idk just solid lines

Originally Posted by Sonny
I ainít a doctor and last night I didnít stay at a Holiday Inn Express
But youíll get beat so bad not even a pacemaker could operate in ya chest
And you on PCP, unloading slugs wit da 22, shootin for ya associates
Nah.. you got a GED, broke as fuck, Ďn 22, shootin for ya Associates
real solid jabs like before, nothing wrong with it but also not the haymakers you had me getting accustomed to

Originally Posted by Sonny
The real Luke Walton was born rich, so how are you still a goon
I gave you a plate and all you brought to the table was a silver spoon
Thatís why I donít feel dude, he went from E-bangin to heat spraying
Either he feigning or I confused him for Snapchat the way his Story keep changing
It felt like you were channeling Luke's style a bit here talking to him rather than going with the punch every line thing (i know he didnt create that style or anything but I know you for heavy punches in every bar so this was new to me) and i really liked it

Originally Posted by Sonny
Luke Walton may be the man in LA, but da GOAT? Thatís pushin it
I built The Forum for ya team before you ever stepped foot in it


overall i ended up voting luke because I felt that he carried over his slower moments(if you can call it that because nothing was SLOW despite what i said up there i just had to break it down like this to even pick a winner) better than Sonny

that said, i imagine when i go back to this battle it'll be to read sonny's verse more than luke's since i generally prefer sonny's style of battling

may end up thinking i chose wrong one day but for now i felt that luke's verse as a compact work did more and hit more levels than sonny's did, despite me liking sonny's style more
01) Hollow da Don
02) Loaded Lux
03) Tsu Surf
04) Calicoe
05) B Magic
06) Illmaculate
07) Aye Verb
08) Iron Solomon
09) Tay Roc
10) Fresco
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