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This was a cool battle, good shit @Ness Lee. Im not always a fan of 1 rounders, but this one was fun & kinda a perfect length so I’m not mad at all.

Originally Posted by JR77 View Post
Aparently Bonnie stole half her material from a site called letsbeef
I usually write shit like this off without giving it any real thought, but that is REALLY close to the section of the verse that dude posted. I could see if there was a couple of similar rhyming words, that happens allllll the time. But I mean...
“lower body/torso you was gonna run back with”
“kick you til your lungs half quit, I contain/possess the uncapped wit to get your duncecap clipped...already over his head so fuck the dumb hat tricks”
“Jesus Christ, you bout to leave your life but only upside is, ya corpse/soul get a nice/chill spot to take a sunbath in”

Those lines are almost word-for-word identical, and even just the rhyming words are far from common. Not saying it’s a sure thing, but those are some oddly intricate & specific lines to just so happen to coincidentally come up with totally separately. I never give much credence to the claims that so and so battle rapper bit lines from a random text battle, but this is too similar not to at least consider it.

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