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Originally Posted by Seanzo View Post
I feel like the video is a hilariously bad look anyways. "THIS IS CALIFORNIA; THIS IS FAGGOT" had me laughing my ass off.

Jeff's an alcoholic who has been beat up at events for being drunk, kicked out of Talkback for being drunk, banned from KOTD for being drunk, and now caused a huge issue with the west being drunk. Maybe this is a sign dude should not drink and needs a therapist to deal with his inner rage issues. He ranted about Random's sexuality for a month, and says the word "faggot" more than anyone I've ever met.

The fans brought into the movement through the Young Republican movement are the Elliot Rodgers type. They're the alt-right but not willing to admit they're alt-right folks who basically buy into Infowars-esque conspiracies, but then, because they've been exposed to people who aren't white, don't subscribe to the blatantly racist parts of these ideologies. They're basically the incel, homely, sad types who've got nothing but blame for the world for their lives when they've had plenty of opportunities to not be shit bags.

Seriously, I get why Dan made a post being like "why are the saddest examples of white people what some people see as 'cool' in battle rap?" This "YEE-HA GO AMERICA HYUCK" ironic but not ironic steez is lame, and people who fuck with it are lame. It's a negative thing to have around and you can look at their legion of Talkback fan boys and the fact they're basically a step below the fat fedora guy meme.

RMBVA is a better place because that culture didn't take over here, and battle rap as a whole is worse for its influence.
Well said.
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