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Originally Posted by Profess View Post
Great point- IMO interpreting someone having friends of one race as meaning that they full out ride with that race is a mistake. Albeit an understandable one, not a laughable one. What happened, iirc there wasn't hyperbole on this site 3-4 years ago.
What happened 3-4 years ago? Hundreds more posters frequented this site so naturally it culminated in hundreds of threads revolving around race. I joined the exodus around 2016.

Why do I miss the discussions? Obviously I'm relatively progressive and tolerant on racial topics and people who shared my perspectives never got denounced as a heretical traitors to their nations, so I miss that about RMBVA when I read other forums. It's easy to forget, but internet forums and comments sections did used to be hospitable for posters and lurkers of my persuasion lol.
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