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lukej is not the worst person
Originally Posted by eapoe View Post
I mean, I love Watch as much as anyone but you guys are way off here. You cant pay a bunch of guys to do a job, calculating what you afford to spend to make a profit, then afterwards let one guy snatch a percentage of the profit aswell. That's basically it. I'm not gonna watch a video the next six months that I saw on RYD yesterday. What if Lush gets a youtube channel, and another guy etc. It's just common sense. That company works hard to put together a product they can sell/display, you can't just let it go to waste like that even if it's Avo doing it. I have no knowledge of the collaboration between Avo and KOTD but coming from the same facts we all have, you really cant hate on KOTD for this.
What trash logic.

If URL did this, half of the people on this website would rant about what a greedy bastard it is.

Since it's Organik, "it's just common sense"

Smh fuck out of here.
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