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Dear Diary is better than Grind Time AustraliaDear Diary is better than Grind Time Australia
i'ma be honest i don't really have an idea of who Copywrite is. i've gathered from the last few years of him kind of appearing on the battle scene that he's some kind of old underground dude but that's about it.

he was kinda bad in every battle i had seen him in. this was better. he still has a swag somewhere between boring and unlikable, but at least he had some lines someone might care about and he rapped them decently. imo he over-rhymes a lot though to where the scheme doesn't seem to be going anywhere and i lose interest waiting for a payoff that never comes.

Fredo 3-0 but i think that goes without saying.
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id think if you are a virgin by choice, you have probably got the self respect and common sense to wash your butt crack every once in a while
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