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Originally Posted by Joykiller View Post
I still remember when Copywrite battled that dude at the Roc The Mic tour and supposedly the winner was supposed to get a deal with Rocafella.

Obviously it never happened, but either way he caught a body in front of Jay-Z so kudos to him.
There was actually a radio station showcase in Columbus where acts competed for a possibility to open up the Rock the Mic show and a chance at a Rocafella deal
The showcase ended in a tie so it was said that they two finalists would battle between 50's and Jay's sets for the deal
He battled a cat named Skyscraper; I was there-he definitely bodied him

Aparently they had similar contests and battles in other cities (Mac Lethal won one too I believe)
so obviously the Roc deal wasn't really gonna go down (I think they got Roc jackets)
BUT in the case of Copy, as a result of this he began to be managed by Jay Z's cousin Bee High for years

One of my favorite stories surrounding this event was that Just Blaze came up to Copy during the show at some point and discussed being a fan from those old WM/Mhzsite days as a youngin and even quoted a couple lines from the High Exhaulted (very credible source)

Regarding recent work:
regardless of these battles and the stuff rehashed ITT from the day, pretty much everything Copy has dropped in recent years has been fire
Life and Times of Peter Nelson was very dope-showed great growth and diversity in subject matter, while maintaining his lyrical status
God Save the King, which he did while in a pretty big Christian stage, is really good- doesn't take the religious shit too far and again stays on his shit spitting; also features some great guests
The MHZ-Legacy album is just fucking dope, nothing more can be said about it
Cpywrite and Surock-Murderland was a tight little project with a "choose your own adventure" theme
and the recent Bloodbath and Beyond is Fire asf, he expands the parameters even more with a few flirtations into other genres, yet still brings that which he is known for

Say what you want about the man (and he has owned pretty much all of the things people bring up,) but he is nothing if not consistent

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