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Originally Posted by wwjjddd? View Post
if you have a sec can you break down what's going on with UK battle rap in general? i basically know what's happened with DF, but i'd like to know what's popping in regards to other/newer leagues filling the gap. I've heard about the shit with Shotty's league, which is interesting, but that's it. is KOTR still makin moves? been out the loop. thanks
'Code Red' with Danny Jaqq, RyMo etc like he said above. and 'Chalked Out' by Shox and Frankie Phraser - Im guessing both these two and Shotty Horrohs events will all have whatever UK battlers and just run alongside each other, rather than certain guys battling only on certain leagues.

KOTR still going but Micky Worthless can only throw events in free time between Job Centre work placements.
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