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Originally Posted by I am LIL ILL View Post
Don't feel too bad. You got to battle GoldenFlamez before and to me that was some top level shit, like a one shot only type of thing. Flamez is the best Battle Addict Rapper. Now I would battling him but he's my homie and he's too good lyrically compared to me and I'd lose. But man I'm telling you, just the oppertunity to be on Battle Addict was great. A lot of Classics had been made.

Flamez my Nigga on my twitter so I hit him up every once in a while

The last time I battled him I wrote my verse 2 hours before the battle which I won't use as an excuse kuz I asked him on twitter when the battle was suppose to go down and he said it was that day so that was my fault on poor planning

He won so I give him that

I done beat Jrazy (a murder mook/young hot body) SB, Qunitillious, Roddy Lo, Dank, Ron (forfeit)

Not to many people left want to battle

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