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corny is not the worst person
I would never want a red name, even if I was an active battler on a league, but these are all FAX about me:

I went 60 zip on yahoo chat back in the day

while obviously they weren't in their prime these are the most notable victims I killed, illmaculate, dizaster and organik and a slew of no names most I cant remember (some of them still rap on paltalk LOL)

it was my pleasure to kill these nerds and literally run them out of yahoo, dizaster and illmaculate were pure 100% nerds even had "illegal" screennames that only the bottom of the barrel basement dwelling nerds could make.

after I beat mic tyson (organik), Canadians weren't even aloud to speak in rooms around me, I banned Canadians from mic'in up because they sounded weird and pussy.

of course this is all history and doesn't mean shit to me these days nor do I have any ill will toward anybody, just thought I would shed even further entertainment to an already A1 thread, and also if you understood how nerdy diz and illmac were you would laugh at their tough guy acts, organik still the same little nerd puss he always been though.

i'm a biased god, if it's not american i'm not caring.
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