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Neanderthol is better than Grind Time AustraliaNeanderthol is better than Grind Time AustraliaNeanderthol is better than Grind Time Australia
Tez vs red was FIYAH-will be watched many times (Red too much rt now.)

Twork vs Verb will be a multiple runback battle as well.

John John can make any battle unwatchable, regardless of opponent.

Feel almost the same about Ars; very low replay value. I wasn't excited ever really but I understood the history so I never said shit, but it turned out as it always was going to. At least Hollow was really good in this one.

While K may win with further analysis, Top is just entertaining. People will likely say things like "K aint what he used to be" or "we need that old K back" but its really that he is toooooo much exactly what he used to be, exactly the same way he always is.
I will always watch Bigg K battles but he is plagued with formula and short material.
He is as consistent as they come but he no longer wins really and the "I never lose/its all preference" thing isn't helping his cause.

Oh and..
Why is Mike P still a thing?
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