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Originally Posted by Neanderthol View Post
Tez vs red was FIYAH-will be watched many times (Red too much rt now.)

Twork vs Verb will be a multiple runback battle as well.

John John can make any battle unwatchable, regardless of opponent.

Feel almost the same about Ars; very low replay value. I wasn't excited ever really but I understood the history so I never said shit, but it turned out as it always was going to. At least Hollow was really good in this one.

While K may win with further analysis, Top is just entertaining. People will likely say things like "K aint what he used to be" or "we need that old K back" but its really that he is toooooo much exactly what he used to be, exactly the same way he always is.
I will always watch Bigg K battles but he is plagued with formula and short material.
He is as consistent as they come but he no longer wins really and the "I never lose/its all preference" thing isn't helping his cause.

Oh and..
Why is Mike P still a thing?
The criticism with recent form Bigg K is that he just shows up to spit mixtape like verses. It would sound good on a track, and his flow/rhyme patterns are really nice but in a battle you have to let your material breathe and he doesn't really build up to punches lately. He used to do back to back four bar punches and now he just quickly raps through a verse w/no stopping w/an occasional standout line peppered in there. His 3rd was decent.. and I do think it will be seen as a 2-1 either way with consensus leaning to T-Top because T-Top was at least more on form in comparison w/what he usually does vs a returning Bigg K who had a lot of expectations that he did not live up to. Outside of preconceptions going into it, its a somewhat even battle but I think most people wanted to see that Head Ice or JC Bigg K and not the O-Red/John John Da Don Bigg K.
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top 5: tay roc, tsu surf, hollow, loaded lux, soul
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