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Originally Posted by youdontwannabethatguy View Post
btw she just posted a long ass message saying she got the bars from a friend , i hope this is the end for her tbh
Originally Posted by Ayo! View Post
Post a screenshot. Her IG is private.
Here’s the apology message:

TL;DR read version: she’s still trying to shift the blame to someone else, claiming that she “reached out to a long time friend for help with the battle”. She does admit that it was wrong & that it “jeopardized the integrity of her career”, but passing the blame to her mysterious unnamed ghostwriter seems like a chicken shit move.

Oh and throwing Ave under the bus to deflect the heat she’s getting for this is a super trash move. I don’t think Ave’s biting was ever this blantant, but thats neither here nor there- this is about Bonnie, not Ave, so she should have just taken her dragging from the online battle community and keep it moving. The only thing fans like less than a biter is a biter who blames someone else for stolen bars and/or tries to throw a rapper who has NOTHING to do with the situation under the bus in an attempt to take some of the focus of themselves. Bonnie will never hear the end of this- but on a positive note, now at least the personals used against her will have some varied subject matter instead of the typical bunch of “you fucked Math” lines.
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