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Originally Posted by Og Smokinstein View Post
So when bmagic battled chilla and pointed out his schemeing too much.
He was talking about what?? His rhyme scheme? @fresco.

So if your board games bars weren't a scheme..then what
He was talking about what you're talking about but thats because at this point scheming has basically become an accepted term for that, but the fact is it never was.

Just like bars means something different when we say someone doesn't have/does have bars, but to someone musically inclined they would think that sounds retarded because technically everyone has bars.

I'm not gonna call you an idiot and lash out over this shit because definitions of words change and thats part of language, but nothing Fresco or anyone else has said is wrong.

Technically speaking what Chilla does is not scheming. I just don't give a fuck enough to care that people refer to it as such.

And its not at all like saying "Favorite battle verse" a battle verse doesn't have to follow a single rhyme scheme. Battle verse implies the verse as a whole, rhyme scheme implies a specific part of the verse that uses the same rhyme scheme.
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