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SHOWTIME is better than Grind Time AustraliaSHOWTIME is better than Grind Time Australia
Originally Posted by Nabisco View Post
AYYYYYEYYOOOO.... My name is Organik you can follow my on Twitter @OrganikHipHop... I got my co-host w/ me...

CHEYYEEAAAA. It's your boy GULLY TK. GZ or it don't count. You see the $100 KOTD New Eras hats we're wearing. Check em out at the KOTD merch store...

We also got dis new KIKE TYSON SHIRT. Cop it for ya gurl!!! Ya diggggggggggg.

(Awkwardly points to his right)...

My name is Bishop Brigante. Y'all don't have a fuckin clue who I am so take all of your mirrors off your wall, the hallways, your dorm rooms, apartments, bathrooms, ceilings. TAKE ALL THOSE FUCKING MIRRORS DOWN... NOWWW!!!

U beeeeeeiiiiittchhhhhhhhhh!

With that being said. Rapper on my left. INTRO. DUECE. YO. SELF.
Take this rep !!!
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