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DJQuotes is not the worst person
Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
I havent even watched their battle. I make fun of Diz about it all the time. I could care less about who might have won a promo battle with Diz or anyone Im friends with. The fact that you think that battle weighs into me making fun of someone is absurd. I simply said Dirt would landslide his life. Thats an opinion. Someone then ASKED ME what i thought of Detour's undeserved sense of entitlement and I gave my honest opinion on that as well. Detour interpreted that as me having an insane personal interest in his "career" and the "moves hes making" which I simply laughed off and explained where he was so wrong and misguided.

You kids really need to learn to read better
My reading comprehension's fine, and I know someone ASKED YOU, and the fact that you responded to them talking about Detour like that in his thread was condescending as hell. Plus, you referenced his battle with Diz in that post, so what are you talkin about? I think this whole thread is hilarious tbh. Megadef seems humble in his own trolly way. You don't, which is fine, but don't act like you're not being as arrogant, with posts like that, as Detour was being by creating this thread in the first place.
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