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Originally Posted by cooldoctormoney View Post
can someone transcribe that "with a hint of Korn" scheme?
Dude infact, I'm tired of hearing of you,
in a year or two, your blood type will be Tiramasu,
none of your fellow mid tier'll miss you!
They can't do it, when I blam stupid,
his fam moving from bakery to bakery-
searching for a transfusion.
Now the pastry's in the IV bag,
first the cake and then the dinner course,
Joe Cutter's looking at a Danish like-
"why didn't I think of this before?"
Sounds kind of malicous, I don't know how I feel about that.
The doctor don't know,
he's telling Bobo there's nothing to beg forgiveness for,
not knowing that he's the reason they're feeding sweet potatoes through that extension chord.
Cody! You need to kill whoever you got behind your mixing board,
the shit that comes out when you hit record
Sounds like the inside of a Singaporian mental ward during Civil War,
set to a continous loop of Liquid Swords with a hint of Korn....
you might aswell do porn!
But I don't normally diss my opponents tracks, I don't think that's a great look,
but unfortunately me and Cody are pretty good friends on Facebook,
so when he posted this shitty Soundcloud breakup song, I had to look in,
and I learned that Evil, could never be as evil, as the average woman.
Listen, don't get it mistooken, don't think Big E doesn't care,
I lost a bitch or 2 that made it hard to re-up for air,
but to be fucking fair... to be fucking faiiir,
I've never been so depressed that I rapped for a whole song like the beat wasn't there."
Originally Posted by Kingpen View Post
if u were really tough you would go troll reddit
Originally Posted by pityposter View Post
And yes, I promise you, on everything, you don't want any of this.
Originally Posted by iamHBY View Post
I'd say Chef Trez is my Bangz

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