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zonal is not the worst person
expectations were low for Oxxymiron and he exceeded them, sure.

I liked that he said ACAB.

I think if he started from the bottom with the kind of material he performed here, he'd be in Ground Zero forever. He had some good lines but did he have great bars?

Maybe I've watched too many international battles where the rappers have to stand for their entire country but I'm not really impressed by that kind of content anymore, I find it tedious and it was obviously going to be how these rappers filled out most of their rounds. On that score Oxxymiron definitely came out ahead though. Dizaster switches his national identity when it suits him and here he's an american born flag-waver as long as it means saying so negates any of Oxxxymiron's critique of Diz as an american of mid-east descent. Meanwhile Diz is saying that American is united? Maybe I misheard that line? The space race bars are about 50 years behind.
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