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Originally Posted by Baron X View Post
Verb say he waved up, he say he's all brush and grease
Perm head nigga, he been using the Just for Me
I said sherm head nigga act like my drunk uncle be
At fam like damn a cause I jam like Huckabee
Niggas hit me from Harlem, the shit read like this
Niggas telling me either battle Charlie Clips or get off Head I.C.E.'s dick
Cause you fucking with Queens niggas, your head might split
Kids running back like, "Mommy, his head's like this!"
Hey, I been watchin Word War before N.Y. versus the Lou started
And I think you've been running from Yung Illz to be honest
Why you battling outta towners when you got niggas in your city bombing
It's aight cause I'm popping from Tompkins to Compton
I'll drag him from Dawson to Austin, Slauson to Boston
We can bang like orangutans and do this from Spain to Maine, mane
I even take him to the D in Highland Park and battle with him
In Chicago, I'll chew that ass up like Harold's Chicken
where's the pattern here? lol i'm just trying to gauge what you're talking about. Rhyming Just For Me Uncle Be and Huckabee isn't a rhyme pattern.
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