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Originally Posted by Emancee View Post
Not bad, fully convinces me that Real Deal is leagues ahead of Sketch. Sketch needs to use his voice a lot better, he enunciates weirdly and puts stress in places where it doesn't need to go and then doesn't build up any energy for his punches. Minus the awkward 'my crew is...' bars at the beginning, this was a pretty clear win to RD.
wish the RM board wasn't so fucked that all the old threads are getting rapidly deindexed by google. otherwise, i'd link an old post summarizing the following:

sketch has ultra long winded setups (with primarily fillerish multis that could be cut out altogether) that lead to the most meh angles ever. lots of weak comedy that misses me as well, but hey, that's subjective. a sketch line is like:

who cares what ur gay homies think, yall say hello by kissing ur palm, then u blow and wink! beat you with kitchen utensils, hell, ill even throw the sink, run circles around you like a roller rink *17 seconds later* and by the way, buddy, your cologne? IT STINKS

if battle rap was a video game like tony hawk or some shit, sketch would be the default character in the build-a-battler section with like average stats on everything with charisma being like the one slightly ahead

not too terrible not too great just boring eniugh to be alright and blah enough to be forgettable

sounds like a dope dude tho
I'm only fucking with bosses like Shadow of the Colossus

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