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StankDaddy User wishes battle rap was all still freestyled
Pat Stay vs Thesaurus
Hollohan vs Cortez
Hollow vs Arsonal
Soul vs Cee Major
Bender vs Illmac
Pat Stay vs Head ICE
Aye Verb vs Hitman
Shotty vs Arsonal
Uno Lavoz vs Lunar C
Carter Deems vs Illmac
Thesaurus vs Dumbfoundead
Eurgh vs Kid Twist
Lux vs Hollow 13
Fresco vs Thesarus
Fresco vs Soul Khan
Madness+Thesaurus vs Justice+360
Shufflo vs Cee Major+Cracker
Real Deal vs B magic
Chedda Cheese vs Henry Bowers
Carter Deems vs Isaac Knox

a whole load of one-sided battles where i actually like the winner's rounds more than most of these but overall battles... the above.
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