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Robby is not the worst person
This seems like Diz is overreacting as usual. He seems to think because he and Oxxxy set this battle up on KOTD that in turn they are entitled to all footage and what happens to it. Well we all know thats bullshit. Should have never had it on KOTD if you think thats the case.
Second he goes off about how KOTD has tainted the West Coasts image and this is why they can’t get a URL battle. Which again is bullshit. If they fit the URL style they can definitely get a URL battle. Ex. bigg K geechi gotti, rum nitty etc. Which btw if it wasnt for KOTD picking up the pieces after GT then there would be no west coast right now. It was a mutual benefit for both sides.

Then he goes off about Avo filming for URL and how its no coincidence. Avo has filmed for DF too. He doesnt get involved with politics.

The rewards system doesnt pay the battlers. No shit. How do u expect KOTD to make money when ad revenue is dropping? They are doing what they can to survive.
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