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Originally Posted by Profess View Post
Gjonja probably isn't a great comparison, but I thought it was affective when Trez brought it up. Seems like Gjonja had a shot at being a URL regular, but defected to KOTD.. I'm unclear in that was or not due to intentional choice. At the end of the day, is there a higher ceiling for all white guys in the KOTD?
It was an effective and true angle how Trez used it. I was mainly talking about fans who compared them early on in Mike Ps success.

URL was very high on Gjonja but he was so eager to battle Diz that he burned those URL bridges by accepting the battle on KOTD. I think he knew what kind of backlash he would get and made the choice anyway. There's more of a future for him at KOTD where he'll get better names and can also work other leagues as well. If he had stayed URL exclusive he would have two BL battles at probably 500 bucks a pop(Like Mike P).
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