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Originally Posted by Profess View Post
Interesting point, Sonny, and when you put it like that, either times have really changed or it's not that great of a comparison.

That said, Mike P's marketing savy gets him a lot of views. Mike P vs Tink is almost at 600k views. And his previous clash with Swave hasn't even hit 300k views yet.

As far as Mike P's success do you think he will ever make it to a NOME or Summer Madness, or is he just a good jobber for the Born Legacy series?
I think Mike P and Bulletz do share some similarities and don't have any issue with the comparison.

I agree that Mike P is strong at generating interest in his matches and that the views are well-earned on his part.

I personally would not want to see him on a NOME or SM in 2017 but would not be surprised if he worked his way up to either stage by next year through sheer popularity.

He does a lot of things well that newer KOTD battlers could take notes from, but at the same time, his style can be pretty contrived at times and he has some bad PG habits while performing.
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