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Originally Posted by Dusted123 View Post
Right...The west would just be completely ignored and no one would ever start up a leagu out West with all that talent out there.

Without American Talent, no one cares about KOTD for this long or on this level. Where would they be without KOTD? On another league that doesn't exist because KOTD stepped in first.

KOTD took advantage of a good situation, and I'm glad they did, but they didn't save the west.
Look at EVERY other Grind time division and it will show you what would have happened.
There was no other league BIG enough to do it. What would have happened was a couple of guys might have accepted a No Coast battle. Some of the bigger names would have gotten to dont flop. Some of the street dudes MIGHT have made it to Smack. But to pretend like the West Coast helped KOTD more than KOTD help westcoast is false.

Without the west coast KOTD can still book talent from all over the world. They could have taken all the other GT non west coast mcs and still would have been successful
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