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Originally Posted by Casual View Post
I would call it a mutually beneficial relationship at the time. Yeah, the West was dead and KOTD was doing well, but it wasn't gonna last forever. KOTD would have been in rough shape a lot quicker if not for the west. Even at that point in time the Canadian talent pool was on its way to being non existent. By adopting the west, they became part of "KOTDs roster".

Simply put, the west kept KOTD on or near the top much longer than they would have been otherwise. There hasn't been a good Toronto event in like 3 years, there's 0 battlers anyone really gives a shit about from Canada anymore...Pat and Bender are both a dice roll performance wise at this point and everyone else in Canada just straight up garbage.
You must not watch allot of KOTD events. Maybe missed the last two Gully vs Ganik events which were both fire.
And BlackOut was good

Charron still gets views and good battles but I guess he retired
Pat as a dice roll is a joke comment
bender I agree with
They don't have allot of Top tier talent at the moment but I think they are producing some of the best lower tier mid card type talent
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